SILO RUMOR is an independent label curated by Raz Mesinai and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha. Based in Porto and distributed by Cargo UK, SILO RUMOR moves between the interstitial space of exploratory music, electronic constructions, archaic pulses and dub.

Raz Mesinai | Curator | +
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha | Curator | +

Pedro Nora | Graphic Design | +
Diogo Tudela | Artistic Collaboration | +
Dayana Lucas | Artistic Collaboration | +

SILO RUMOR is a sister of the SOOPA Collective | +
You can order our records via Cargo UK, our main distributor.

General | contact@silorumor.com
Distribution | joe@cargorecords.co.uk

Distributed by Cargo UK